Properly insured for travelling

You prefer to have a carefree holiday. However, there is always the possibility that something might happen. Such as theft, accidents or illness. Should something unfortunate happen, the insurance of Europeesche will protect you against the possible financial consequences.


Short-term Cancellation Insurance 

You have booked a holiday. But there is always the risk that you need to cancel it due to unforeseen circumstances between the time of booking and arrival at your holiday destination. Should you cancel your trip, Maisonnera, on behalf of the owner, will have to charge you an annulation fee, which can add up to 100% of the total cost, for example, when the cancellation is done right before the departure dateA cancellation insurance protects you against these costs.

Especially with last-minute trips, it is always wise to take a cancellation insurance, since you might face the maximum cancellation costs !

Premium cancellation Insurance

The premium for the Cancellation Insurance is 5.5% of the total rent.
General terms and conditions for cancellation insurance


Damage to lodging Insurance

This insurance provides coverage if you accidentally damaged in the accomodation. Among other things, the insurance pays for damage to accommodation, furniture, playground and swimming pool in the garden of the accommodation institution. The maximum allowance is 2,500.- per holiday rental agreement.
Remark: Your "Personal general liability insurance" does not covers damage to rented properties abroad.

Premium Damage Insurance

The premium fot the Damage Insurance is 1.5% of the total rent.

General conditions for damage insurance

The policy costs is  3.50. Over the premium and the policy cost, a 21% insurance tax is mandatory. Prices are subject to taxes and insurance (statutory) changes.