Optimize your holiday rentals

Are you the owner of a holiday home in France and do you want to rent it to customers?
But don`t you want to deal with the daily reservations?
Maybe you already rent your holiday home, but the current occupation rate is a bit disappointing?

With more then 10 years of experience, Maisonnera is your partner for rentals in France. We strive to offer high quality services that meets all your needs, our mission is to guide and to support you.

Maisonnera offers:

  • Increase your number of locations
  • Maintain control of your schedule
  • Approaching homeowners and guests in their own language
  • Mastery of several languages including English, Dutch and French
  • We assure you that we meet our payment conditions, before the guests arrive at the holiday home

We offer a partnership with a full service to multiple benefits:

Advertisement with rental fee

With your commitment to our side there is no charge as long as no reservation is realized. Your accommodation will be presented free of charge on our website in 3 languages (English, Dutch and French). At any time, you can acces your page where all information of your property is displayed.

A flat fee per rental is required. We handle marketing operations in different countries, in order to optimize the result of your holiday accommodation. The rental contact and the contact with the customers in their own language.

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If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
Telephone: +31 (0)40 20 10 985
E-mail:        info [at]